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Awards &


Silicon Valley Small Theatre Awards

Standout Classic Production - 2011

Dial M for Murder - Broadway West Theatre Company

Angie Higgins, Director


Standout Contemporary Adult Production - 2009

Proof - Broadway West Theatre Company

Drew Campbell, Director


"Kristen Saunders and Drew Campbell as Charlotte and Max are really likable and play their parts well. Somehow they appear more real than their significant others, yet the cynical Charlotte has secrets of her own and Max, well he plays the fool all around".

-Janet Grant, Tri-City Voice - Review of The Real Thing


"Campbell's Michael is immediately comedic as he tries to impress his new bride. In preparing to raise a son, he finds a lively young boy in himself that never completely fades away. Campbell's physical comedy serves well in his number "A Well Known Fact" maintaining a boyish, immature cockiness-even including an Elvis-like swaying of the hips. However, his transformation into the disgruntled "Father of the Bride" is thorough, successfully portraying the overprotective father who just wants his little girl back, but realizes that he and his wife will soon be sharing an empty nest".

-Mekala Raman, Tri-City Voice - Review of I do! I do!


"Campbell plays his gremlinesque part with all the appeal of the Great White North's McKenzie brothers meet Kermit the Frog, a delightful portrayal that carries some of the play's structural lapses".

-Marianne Messina, Metro Silicon Valley - Review of The Nerd


"Drew Campbell and Angie Higgins meet the challenge with complete control and confidence, fully embodying the tale and delivering it to perfection. Campbell shoulders most of the characters and adds sound effects, transitioning between the uncle, housekeeper Mrs. Grose, and 10-year-old Miles with flawless ease. His performance is alternately dear and chilling, and thoroughly enjoyable".

-Julie Grabowski, Tri-City Voice - Review of Turn of the Screw


"Drew Campbell perhaps had the most difficult task of all. As Greenwald, he needed to portray conflicting emotions and a ruthless fulfillment of duty. He rose to the occasion admirably. In a few instances, it appeared that the script was deficient and could have been a little more convincing. Nevertheless, his overall performance was compelling and commendable".

-Venkat Raman, Tri-City Voice - Review of The Court Marshall of the Caine Mutiny

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